xexxx xexxx Human

hope this gets printed!

Golan Golan Human

yonil! this is amazing! good luck, Golan

Crackay Crackay Artist


djrandom djrandom Human

sooo nice, so where do i get one?

siefer17 siefer17 Human from Canada


kc_6201 kc_6201 Human


kc_6201 kc_6201 Human

Love it on the lead with the green strings! Makes them stand out more.

punkist punkist Human

An Amazing Design!!!
u r crazy man

Cesar-DCarabao Cesar-DCarabao Artist from Philippines

nice concept! +1 voted

go-tam go-tam Human

Beautiful job! good luck! :)

I so love this shirt! Good luck!

chris-- chris-- Human


_Mos _Mos Human

good luck with the design!

This has meaning, a practical meaning so it’s definitely got me vote.

dogdammit dogdammit Artist

this better win! great execution! and i love the idea

yonil yonil Artist from Israel

thanx everybody!
help me spread the word – http://yonilatdbh.weebly.com/

OrBoar OrBoar Human

nice! love it and the website too!

lovedone lovedone Human

this is amazing if you ask me. voted once again!

shmoopy shmoopy Human

voted !! love it!

JasmineE JasmineE Human

This is great! +1

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