Vertasual Vertasual Artist

Thanks Jnureno, you’re right, it also resembles a swan :-)

The technique is math, courtesy of Apophysis.

Jnureno Jnureno Human

It looks like a swan.

Interesting technique.

Jnureno Jnureno Human

I checked the program, pretty fun. I think you’ll have a good shot at getting it voted as a shirt if you can find a way to keep the lines from getting cropped off. When it gets boxed in like that, it distracts you from the beauty of it. You are more familiar with Apophysis than I am, so maybe you can find a way to keep the math within the boundaries. Good luck.

Vertasual Vertasual Artist

Thanks for your constructive comment Jnureno :-)

You are quite right about the cropping of the lines, I just recently discovered the zoom slider :P

I appreciate the feedback !

froggie froggie Artist

seems it’s made of lights…

Vertasual Vertasual Artist

I see what you mean :-) Could have been like that, but it’s made with fractal software called Apophysis.

sonambulo sonambulo Human


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