i like

looks awesome on black

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So emotive. I love how this turned out!

This deserves to be reprinted!

really like this too..+1

i like this too,, voted!;p

I just ruined 69 comments again! I’m on a roll today! This is wonderful, +1

Loves your illo style, and that eroded dripping effect is just marvelous. Awesome, as usual 8D

Dude, its too bad this couldn’t be printed shirt of the day D:
You already won DBH10K this year >0 Do you REALLY need another entry?

@aj! haha :D i wish man!

this is really sweet, i hope they print this also :hugs:



Could be entered into SOTD? Just curious in case it doesn’t win…

I hope so, i hope they print this..many want this design printed

i would wear this!!!


i dunno how this didn’t print.. HA! digging old designs…. fun! lol

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