nice one


I relaly like this! so simple but nice…CLEAN


smart approach! :D

did you just copy a movie poster?

I used a famous reference photo (http://www.realbollywood.com/news/up_images/11127887.jpg) but re-drew it to look like these famous skateboards from the 80’s:

When my board was printed it had ‘Hepburn” where you see ‘“Lee” on this one, and was printed in red. It was a tribute to Sean Cliver’s art, and some of the most popular boards from the late 80’s (there was a series of them), this one was a Jason lee.

By no means is this high-art. It was just me trying to copy the style of a huge influence of mine (Cliver), and follow an art-director’s guidance for a commissioned series of skateboards. So…it is what it is.

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