Olympia Olympia Artist

I looooooove it !

iedwardsiii iedwardsiii Human from United States

one of the few good shirts left on this site, great job +1

I just got the shirt today and I love it! it was worth the wait and can’t wait to give it to my bf for valentine’s day.

Paper_Cult_Rerun Paper_Cult_Rerun Artist from Virginia, United States

Great design, this is on my next order for sure :)

devious devious Human

Wanted to buy this for my gf but they are out of M size unfortunately. Very cute monster.

Shengyi Shengyi Human


Shengyi Shengyi Human

Hey do u know if there’s a reprint?

Shengyi Shengyi Human

Reprint in size S pls!!

flamingMo flamingMo Human

Pleace could u reprint this in M Men !!!!!! I begg u guys!!


Dying for a reprint!

jwan830 jwan830 Human

I beg for a large, please~~!!!!

Hiratha Hiratha Human

I’d love a reprint in Women’s Medium!

jbuckler jbuckler Human

I LOVE this shirt ! Reprint, please ! (:

alon91 alon91 Human

yes — this shirt is brilliant. would love a reprint, although I’m a bit bummed dbh doesn’t appear to have a reprint-notify feature :(

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