It’s so simple that I passed over it. But when I stared at it…. I thought it was so extremely intriguing because of it simplicity and its power to convey. However, It does need a little something like a different background color….or the other continents as well that flow onto the back of the shirt and maybe a cool black smoke design flowing from the hope.

kjlowe kjlowe Human

I agree with the simplicity. Easy to get the message.

simple yet it gets the message across +1
and creative

So hard to say someone has hope, yet without hope we aren’t human

Matt16 Matt16 Artist

Thanks everyone who voted and commented so far :)

kc_6201 kc_6201 Human

I like it!

steDa steDa Human

even without the “hope” it would totally work, of course it would not be oil-spill related, but havin a silhouette of na & sa looks nice

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