great design! +1

ajRAINE ajRAINE Artist

Not bad, but the wave just look’s like it was placed there, it doesn’t really flow.
Fix that and it will be much better.

Voted! Love the design. I see blue herons all the time when I go to Florida. Here’s to hoping that their environment is saved! Such a beautiful creature.

The detail is amazing within the grand scheme of the drawing. Also, this design fits this competition perfectly. Good luck!

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

i would purchase this in a heartbeat….you got my vote :)

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

very well done, to say the least

zerobriant zerobriant Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

thank you for voting guys :D

shatteredfx shatteredfx Artist

Well done ! +1

Munkeyfu Munkeyfu Artist from Pennsylvania, United States


zerobriant zerobriant Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

rtofirefly rtofirefly Artist from United States

^ I’m not sure why hammocks died, but that’s a bummer, I love hammocks. Haha, ok seriously though, that’s quite a statement someone is making. I’d rather see a bunch of people wearing this shirt, it’s a much more positive message.

zerobriant zerobriant Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

well i guess some beach has hammocks attached at the trees..a very relaxing way to enjoy the sea breeze..:) but unfortunately…

andry2fast andry2fast Artist

nice +1 voted!

Wishark Wishark Artist

beautiful design :D

vcalahan vcalahan Artist from France


PenGrapH PenGrapH Artist from Parijs van Java, Indonesia

Great one…dude +1



aiconcon aiconcon Human

this should win

funkysoul funkysoul Human

do they have a winner already? this is also very sweet!

jomambe jomambe Human


Nikoby Nikoby Artist from FL, United States

That is sick! +1

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