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It’s entirely possible “Peter Pan” might be a copyrighted thing – it might not, but it’s Disney, so you can never assume.


Peter Pan has been recreated in plays, and various movies outside of Disney, being that it was a character created by Scottish playwright J. M. Barrie. I drew based on the characters that were originally written, and improvising from the play I saw recently playing in my area.

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Right, and I understand that, but having done a little research, as few as 10 years ago, the hospital the original playwrite bequeathed the rights to was arguing that they held copyrights over Peter Pan in general – partially due to the copyright legislation passed in 1998. At the moment, it appears to be a more contested issue which has involved court battles and out of court settlements.

This is the hospital that owns Barrie’s rights.

I wasn’t trying to rain on your parade by any means, I just happen to be pre-law in the area of constitutional law/copyright law, so it’s something I know more about than I’d like, haha. (If you’re interested, Professor Lawrence Lessig has a lot of really amazing books and lectures on the subject).

I think perhaps taking out the text might solve the issue – that way there’s no direct reference to Peter Pan but everyone knows, ya know?

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I really, really like the illo, looks amazingly done. I’m not feeling it as a shirt, tho.
Karyn is right, maybe you should take out the text and let people to figure it out as they see it. Like I said, mad skills, my friend, those you’ve got.

I like the text, if you can, try to keep it in. If you remove them it will feel like something is missing to me.

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Perhaps but I think the use of the name “Peter Pan” poses a copyright issue according to the link to the copyrights holder.

Nor do I.. both used in film and peanut butter..wonder what else holds the name.

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Right, but in film, they all paid royalties – except the last few, which ended up in court battles/settlements.

I think since it’s still a grey enough area (as demonstrated by the right’s holders insistence that they own all things “peter pan”) that leaving the text/using “Peter Pan” specifically, could prevent this from being printed.

Or maybe the person could hold a french loaf..the word pan in Japanese means bread.

What if you just wrote “Peter,” and left off “Pan”?

Not feeling it as a shirt, but i think you could definitely use those mad drawing skills and create something print-worthy.

Megalongcat Megalongcat Artist

I love this as a shirt. I love the text and if it weren’t there something would be missing. It’s not up to to any of us to judge whether or not this shirt violates copyright (which it doesn’t). Regardless, it’s up to the judges and administrators of the site to make that decision; it is not a user despite whatever legal aspirations they might have. The site accepted this as a submission fully knowing that “Peter Pan” might be trademarked and unusable. So if the shirt wins I’m sure that they’ll make sure that there are no copyright issues since they would be the ones affected, not the artist in this case.

By and by. Amazing illustration and shirt. Hope it wins so I can get myself one.

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

I wasn’t attempting to determine whether it does – pointing out that it might. There have been designs that were picked to print that violated copyright laws – but no one noticed till a user observed the presence of the copyrighted image. It has been repeatedly said that users who notice copyright issues should bring them up – so I did.

DBH accepts lots of stuff for voting – 99% of which they won’t print – some of which they know full well when accepting there’s a shot of hell they’ll pick it to print. Being accepted for submission has nothing to do with being legally possible.

The only reason I mentioned it is because I happen to like the design and talent of the artist – and I suspect that as long as there’s a possibility of legal hassle DBH won’t print it (they have enough legal hassle on their hands). Since I’d like to see this printed I made the easiest suggestion I could like of to remove the hassle – remove the direct textual reference to Peter Pan. Hell, even just say “Peter” or “Pan” separately would remove the issue. Since I like the shirt, I wanted it to have the best shot of actually being printed – hence my suggestion and the purpose of constructive criticism.

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia

lovely loose lines

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