psfajardo psfajardo Artist

thanks, Sir Ebi. Shot pag-uli nindo sa fiesta! ;)

afabi41 afabi41 Human


psfajardo psfajardo Artist

Thanks, Bro! REPRAZENT!

femiat femiat Human

Amazing! :)

psfajardo psfajardo Artist

Thanks, Femi. __

killaudi0 killaudi0 Human

amu na ser…nkavote na ko…:)...
ayos ah…

psfajardo psfajardo Artist

kin, ikay’ton? SALAMAT!!!

nice one ps..=) you have my vote! goodluck

wregai wregai Human

ps for the win!! :D

Munde Munde Human

nice! nice Malupet… xD

ehmj ehmj Human

hey paul!!! like it… _

akosirapi akosirapi Human

malopetun ay! ika palan naggbu… haha…

jamstar jamstar Human

apil! im voter #50 :]

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Nice design but I don’t like the boxiness of it. Maybe try making the background blend a little more with the shirt color, cuz it looks like the background suddenly ends, you know?
I like it, not sure I would wear it but you’ve got my vote.

psfajardo psfajardo Artist

@ Gwen: Salamat sa suporta. Baao Reprazent!
@ Reg: HOPEFUL!!! Thanks!
@ Munde: Sprint! Hahaha! Salamat.
@ Jaz: Salamat. :)
@ Raffy: Tenchu!
@ Jam: Idol! ;)
@ D4N13L: Thanks, Sir. Check below if it works:


imanskoi imanskoi Human

visuals!lupet paul!kudos

psfajardo psfajardo Artist

Thanks, Papi! Idol! ;)

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

I don’t think that D4N13L was suggesting a different shirt color, more using effects to have the background blend into the shirt rather than using a different shirt color. The problem with trying to change the shirt color is that the rainbow effect of the design background will ensure that it’ll always look kinda boxy.

While I do love the way the overall shirt pops on bright colors – and I’m liking that epic blue best of all, I think the “boxiness” is still an issue.

lubilay lubilay Human

love this print! APIL! peace and love mr. papapol!

chrisg23 chrisg23 Human


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