lindsayerinn lindsayerinn Artist from United States

i know. the problem is that i dont have photoshop, and i cant afford it right now. so i think the design efforts for dbh are gonna have to be put on hiatus for now, at least until i can get the software. until then i will just content myself with browsing the site and contributing by voting. this was what i was talking about when i said i would love to design for your book idea, but i dont have anything more sophisticated than inkscape. i dont have the means to digitally clean or alter my designs right now, so im not positive that it will be a good idea, but i can always try and see if they just scan up ok.

p.s.: when i finally DO get photoshop, i plan on redoing and resubbing this ^ design. i think it would do well. :)

echotoons echotoons Artist from Philippines

but its cool!..just 1 litlle spice is missing..

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