ams1327 ams1327 Artist

on navy blue…+1

danielmss danielmss Human

Wonderful…I love this color match~ Good Design

Silverlugia860 Silverlugia860 Human from United States

Navy blue looks much better. Voted c:

LeandroVilla LeandroVilla Artist from Brazil

Agreed. My vote is for navy blue. :)

BeChill BeChill Human

Nice design. Looks way good on the navy blue :)

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

I actually like the green, haha.

schlerbe schlerbe Artist

i’m in need for a door to heaven…i heard about a man name jesus….yeah…i’d like 2 meet him

chakigun chakigun Artist from Bulacan, Philippines

This one is a winner. Trust me.

nils285 nils285 Artist from Germany

Thank you guys :)

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Loves it, very nice! Iwish the guy was a little bit bigger. Nontheless, the execution is great, the colors are awesome, I’m loving the navy blue option.

ENAJUSTES ENAJUSTES Artist from Mar del Plata, Bs. As., Argentina

Surreal, I dig!

kakolak kakolak Artist from France

Forgot this one that is pretty cool ! Voted !

wiarmc wiarmc Human

Voted. I’d wear the navy blue :D

ashleyyy ashleyyy Human from United States

i personally like the green shirt =]

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