jesse24 jesse24 Human

can i vote: -1

gilb gilb Human

I don’t like it.

Kiljax Kiljax Human

You might want to consider selling your designs to something like threadless, I think you’d have a good chance.

bogoio bogoio Artist

sorry pal but I think spamming around is kind unfair with others in here who don’t have such access to so many friends. The designs here must have the score related to whats it looks like, to its beauty, not to capacity of the designer to bring ppl to vote on it.

FlickerFade FlickerFade Artist

Again, I only made two links to this image. XD They encourage us to get our friends to vote~ Hahaha, sorry it caused such an upset. As I already said, if they don’t like it here then it won’t be printed. No need to attack me for it. :) I’m just like anyone else trying to get a design made.

Great title, great design.

mightymoe mightymoe Human

some like it cold and i do too!
I love it and i voted!

Isn’t marketing; i.e: getting the word out to as many people as possible about your product; integral to an industry like this? How is posting about it on a blog any different? Maybe the people who voted for it, I don’t know, WANT to purchase this product?

And correct me if I’m wrong, friends, but the official rules and prizes page says “post on as many blogs as possible.” It seriously does. Go look. It encourages submitters to get the word out and encourage votes if the people like the product. So don’t be so crass about it.

I like this. It’s crisp, clean. It’s got pizzaz. I’d wear it, a lot more than some of the “new age hooha” hippie stuff of random baby animals or rainbows or happy faced trees and blindingly over-detailed images with no line weight or composition that’s posted here.

People, if you don’t like it, vote so and keep the comments to yourselves. If you’re going to troll, go back to youtube or something. I for one, am voting positive for this design!

umidity umidity Human

this is HORRIBLE

ohet ohet Human

crapy!! has your friends gone?

flippy flippy Human

horrible and jerk!

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