this looks great on black, it gives a more fractal looking sensation, either way great design

Deirdre Deirdre Human

It being mirrored makes a butterfly. I think it’s great , clever

Mymil Mymil Human

Yeah, I’m seeing the butterfly. I was about to comment on it but Deirdre beat me to the punch! I think if you called people’s attention to the fact that it looks like a butterfly, you’d be getting more votes.

aman aman Artist

this is great, but shouldn’t been mirrored, anyway +1

thanks. the mirror is just a personal preference.

This is a nice one

pacopietsch pacopietsch Artist

its great but a simple side its good. the butterfly yeah, unless the theme is to go psychedelic wich is already.
and i definetly like it in black background.
if the image goes all the way from bottom to top on a side will give more balance to the humanbody, finally this is to wear right

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