ozlat ozlat Artist from Western Sahara

damn… the voting stopped (RB led me here)

This is good design.

Nice piece of typography. A few letters/words are touching together but that can be easily tweaked. I like it so I’ll vote for it ;D.

c2designs c2designs Artist

well done, i love type as a design tool, strong image- lets be friends!

Awesome work! Love to see this printed!

WOW! Nice work! I love Great typography! I do have one thing. I really want to see this printed! Is there enough contrast? I’m worried that when it’s on a person, their natural curves will distort the shape (gun). Just a thought. I love it!

cercita cercita Human

Great typography. I like the color choices.

looks great cuz!!!

love typography. Words are powerful..
Your design stirs emotions in me indeed.

susanhren susanhren Human

I’m so proud of you!

ehmaysink ehmaysink Artist

thank you, all! good to hear all your feedback.

Marvel Marvel Human from United States

A powerful message, and the image makes a great effect. It’s so catchy; simple enough for one to grasp the idea immediately, yet complex enough to spend a few minutes studying it and truly feel the anger and power of those words. I think it should work brilliantly as a T-shirt! Great job, and good luck!

oooooh very awesome!! :D :D

TheComish TheComish Human

Wahoo! Love Mucho Grande. For some reason i think that the “I” for the sight on the barrel is brilliant

Cool! I like how “evil” is the trigger.

albee albee Human

awesome idea!

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