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I want this!!! – Voted!


Why has this shirt not been printed yet? It’s taking forever. I just got my Freedom Fighter shirt in the mail and it looks even better than it did on the website so I can not wait to own this shirt and see how it looks. Hurry up and declare it a winner DBH

This design is amazing!!! It has to be printed!!!

before i forget, thank you so much jeya of MM for the paint toss images :D
will be sending him a free shirt when this bad ass gets printed :D

whew!!! CONGRATS zero!!!!!!! yahooo!!!


Congrats zero!!! ayos!!!!

Congrats ZB.

Unique, zero (!)

zero hoy! na unsa ba! pagka dakong congrats bai!!! congrats! congrats!

Awesome! Congrats!

hellz ya! it’s about time! congrats zero!

Wew!! congrats pre!_

Congrats Zero !

too bad its not on the 50/50 tee

I’ve been waiting for this!

Congrats, ZB! You’re the best! :D

Yes! I posted this in the golden oldies thread and now it got printed! I wish they had printed it on a DBH blank but this design is cool it doesn’t matter if the blank is cool… Awesome job man, can’t wait to order this one…

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