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I LOVE Bruse Lee :) It’s well done ,voted ..
ahh I’d totally rock that shirt!

that’s badass. i’d like to see it on a mock-up, but it’s definitely sweet. +1

Awesome design! +1

I love this and would welcome this design to my collection of Bruce Lee shirts!

I would buy this shirt INSTANTLY!!!


i love this design

Love it !!!

Voted!!! COOL Design!!!

voted! luv this design, nice!

bruv this is amazing please tell me where i can buy one of these t shirts

This HAS to print! Rooting for this so bad!

my gosh look at the score..this should be printed..need this so badly


when are you going to print such a nice design as this..

when are you going to print this..HELLO PEOPLE OF DBH???????????????????

this is nice :)


Bruce Lee is my Idol. I want this shirt


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