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I like the art, I’m not sure yet if I could wear it, I’d have to see it on a person.

@ thestray
yes you can wear it :) if its printed i’ll send you one for free so you can see it in person :D

to everybody, hey guys, thank you for your kind words and votes:D cheers!

nice effect +1

Another winner!


Cool splaters !

Bruce lee is the best and your design is really cool! I want :)

mas ayos ni pre! :)

cool +1

Like Color & Concept + 1

voted! cool design. – joezel :)


Congrats on your design being shown on various sites!!!

powerfull, i;ll bet this will be your next print!

thanks again guys! :D crossing my fingers here!


P.S. if you do not print this I’ll be VERY mad ;)

:) thanks justhuman! :D

guys check out my new site! :D

Vote ! I want this and the ninja one. Neat job mate!

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