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Thank you so much guys!!! :D you are making my day!! cheers!!! more freebies in a while :D

Yes…love this shirt.

Yeahhhhhh! Awesome! Congrats zero! :D

Looks great Zero! Congrats on the print!

CONGRATSSSSS!!!! dude, this is AWESOME! I knew it would print, can’t wait to get mine!!

my Goooood “photo of the model too”??? I think heart attack is coming…

Pretty good design, but I don’t really like the color of the blank it’s printed on :(

.... I can’t buy this… sniff sniff… somehow they sold out in my size… that just means that I’m going to have more money for Zero’s next print.

Congrats zero! awesome shirt.. woot!

congrats on number 6! looking forward to 7 :)

congrats bai! :D

thank you guys!! :D

Dang man, you always have the coolest designs. Love the fighting theme.

wow it looks so amazing on the picture. if it looks equally on a t-shirt, then everyone should grab it right away.

Your shirts always KICKASS! I keep buying them!

Fluid motion?

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