kakolak kakolak Artist from France

Yes ! Congrats Fresh One ! Bravo l’artiste.

Olympia Olympia Artist

Congrats!I remember this design long time now it’s looks great :D

Labulle Labulle Human

Félicitations :) Super original et différent comme t-shrit!

ta3ystar ta3ystar Human

i reallly want this shirt.like alot!!!

This is some real dope shit !
I’m lovin’ it !

resk resk Human

MAU2S6 This code expires in 2 weeks, on Wednesday, December 8, so be quick!!

Zenxity Zenxity Human

NOOOOOO! Reprint Small.

jumpy jumpy Artist from Australia

Cool mate

already completely sold out? I’ve never seen that happen so fast. Incredible.

already completely sold out? I’ve never seen that happen so fast. Incredible.

Letter-Q Letter-Q Artist from United Kingdom

that’s a fantastic tee. congrats. Too bad is sold out in an eyeblink.

heronotdie heronotdie Artist


Use discount code T7N0C5 for a 10% discount! Lasts at DEC 19 2010 HURRY!!

RBguy RBguy Human

I want to ask question. Do you use America Appeal shirts?

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi RBguy. Occasionally we do but not for this design. It says which type of tee we use above the sizes “Cool Blue 50/50 DBH Perfect Tee” and our size chart is here:

RBguy RBguy Human

Hello thanks for ur responds. Thanks for answering my question. I wanted to know what is top shirt brands?. The one you send me the link thats already that i am aware but thanks for direct me to that link that you requested to me but you just answered my question.

Some_aki Some_aki Human

Use discount code KMBEXW on your next purchase for a 10% discount!

pegesus pegesus Human

Reprint please!

2nd the reprint request.

3rd the reprint request

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