Ei, nice sketch! great style. keep it up. you have my vote.;)

flaminghost flaminghost Artist

nice one!

blacvamp blacvamp Artist


DouXaMer DouXaMer Human

yes Pey, I would like it top-center… but don’t listen to me, Ialways like my t-shirts that way (I’m kind of boring talking about placements…)

ballpoint pen huh,Wow thats the most amazing thing I have ever seen ever, and I have seen things that are amazing, but this is the most amaaazaazinnng Wow, cool beans friend, double rainbow what does this mean?

jeremiahwasa jeremiahwasa Artist from Queensland, Australia

Looks great

schlerbe schlerbe Artist

If all crows were like this abe would be proud

Ztartrip Ztartrip Human

definitely i’d buy this shirt xD
nice work

Renato Renato Artist

very cool+1

tylerbramer tylerbramer Artist from Wisconsin, United States

I think if you put the bird on a thick dead branch stretching out from the side his tail his facing and put him higher up on the shirt it would make this look even more amazing! Still enjoy it though! +1

starry_eyez starry_eyez Artist from Sri Lanka

Really cute illo.voted..

dilematiccoma dilematiccoma Artist from west java, Indonesia

amazing!!luv your work!

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