nice drawing!

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

great artwork!

Looks great on the darker girls tee, and I love the sketchyness! perfect for halloweek, imo +1

PandaPouye PandaPouye Artist from France


Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

This is pretty awesome, but it makes me sad — which speaks to the amazingness of the work.

well thank you but it most certainly is a metaphor. in no way do i enjoy the suffering of teddy bears ;)

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Hahahaha. It’s possible that the whole suicide/self-mutilation thing is a bit too close to home for me to see it as purely art/etc.

I think the poor little teddy bear needs a hug.


newbie newbie Artist


muttley muttley Artist from Philippines


BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Really cool concept. Not sure if DBH would print something like this. +1 for me.

@Benjamin – I Like to think there is an off chance they would since it had to be approved but I understand it’s not in the taste of most people here but none of my stuff really is. I mainly am here for feedback and fun

ianvox ianvox Artist from cebu, Philippines

totally like this +1

eepyaj eepyaj Human

+1 vote… nice :)

skytigress skytigress Human from United States

Looks best on the darker color tee with the blacker ink

schlerbe schlerbe Artist

someone wants to meet satan

HAHAHA now thats funny!

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