lastsoundtrack lastsoundtrack Artist from Canada

Thanks everyone for the great comments and thanks DBH for printing my shirt. Rock on!

jroc2k10 jroc2k10 Human

sweet shirt dude dont let it sell out cus when i get paid im gettin 2 of dem

sweetP sweetP Artist

print looks awesome! congrats!

Migoto Migoto Human from SP, Brazil

I love it how the blue tape just in the middle is from the brazilian maker BASF!
I might buy it just for that!

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

awesome print!

kervinf kervinf Artist

This is awesomely awesome.
I wish I would have thought of this.
Congratulations on getting printed.

Awsome design! Bought it as soon as I saw it. Keep up the good work man!

buffo91 buffo91 Human

good work!!but I prefer the t-shirt in white…I buy it!

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