ihan_summair ihan_summair Artist from Punjab, Pakistan


Not enough illumination for me. The shirt on the left feels brighter than the one on the model.

lhon03 lhon03 Artist from Manila, Philippines

wow!got it!

grafixnlmtd grafixnlmtd Artist

this is really wearable!

ams1327 ams1327 Artist

this is like an optical illusion great work pinkstorm.

killer_meowmeow killer_meowmeow Artist from State of Calamity, Philippines

wow! +1

qimstudio qimstudio Artist from Selangor, Malaysia

great one! +1

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

@Stagnant I think it’s because the shirt on the left has more of the bright lines (or at least, the lighting makes it appear that way).

However, both are really awesome. My only suggestion is that maybe take the main axis lines (the X and Y axis lines that are perpendicular and horizontal) and rotate them a bit (along with everything else) — that way it still gets the illumination and the cool effects but it won’t feel so.. mathematical. I think that’s the main difference between the one on the right and the left — because the one on the right appears to have less bright lines, the main axis lines seem more pronounced and reminds me a bit of graph paper. I think offsetting everything — or perhaps introducing another color in the lines (3 shades/tones instead of two) might break up that feeling.

Just so you know, I LOVE the shirt, just doing my best to try and offer some constructive feedback ;-) +111

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

Thanks everyone for the votes and comments!
@stagnant- I intentionally did it on the guy’s mock-up, to see how it would look like on a shirt with lesser brightness on it. But basically, the one on the left would be the actual outcome of the design. But thanks for that man! =)
@Karyn- thanks so much for taking time in explaining it and giving constructive criticisms and vote on my design. really appreciate it a lot! cheers! =)

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

@Pinkstorm Haha, thanks for appreciating. I’m creative myself, I just create with words (essays, etc) and I know how frustrating “... There’s just something about it that’s off” can be — so how could I not try and be as helpful as possible? Besides, I REALLY like shirt, so I have a vested interest in it’s success (cause I want to own it, ha!).

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

all i can say is im glad you like it and thanks so much! lol

here’s the shirt without the cross lines:


Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Ok, I’m not sure how you feel about it, but I actually love it without the cross lines. I’ll admit to quote my crazy English boss, “Ha. It’s like an orgasm without the work.”

I think it feels more balanced — my eye is drawn around the entire design vs. focusing on the cross lines.

I’m now having visions of this design on like, beach towels/bags and some sort of ridiculously tiny bikini… Yeah, I’ve officially been awake WAY too long, haha.

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

the second mock up you did pink looks stunning!!

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

wow thanks buzatron!

cloudigger cloudigger Artist

ang LUPET! pahingi shirt..hahaha +100 ka dude

dfurman dfurman Artist


Kalaku Kalaku Human from United States

Looks even better without the cross lines. Love it!

I agree too, it does look good without the crosslines! +1 Hope it gets printed!

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

nice one

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