meena2 meena2 Human

yayyy i hope you win i voted :)))

neaa_x neaa_x Human

-this is awsome!
i really hope you win♥

dopee. love it! :D good luck andrea! happy bday(:

Your’s is the best by far.
I would buy it!
Love you andrea. (:

iMa_BiTcH iMa_BiTcH Human

dayummmmmm that shirt is hella pimp!!yo if yew win girl im sooo buying it good luck!!!

iMa_BiTcH iMa_BiTcH Human

oh yeahhhh almost forgot i will get all mah friends to vote anddddd i will make another acount!


i want that shirt (:

i lovee it ;)

niceee andrea! i voted. i hope you win:]

happy birthday andrea :) i hope u get ur laptop!!!

love it hope you get you laptop (happy birfday)

Happy birthday andrea i hope you get your laptop!!!

andrea! I lovee your videos and you’re soo funny!:) HappyBirthdayy and I hope you get your laptoppp(: <3

Dayum Andreeeaa. U GOT MAD SKILL
lmao I love it!! If it makes it to the stores Im soo buying one >=)



I love your videos :D Yor hilarious. hope u win.

thats an awesome shirt [: happy birfday

lol the power of youtube … ur so gonna win u have like 600 almost everyone else has like…. 30 HAHA

deedeedee deedeedee Human

thats and awesome shirt love your videos and hope you winn :)


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