WWooooww WWooooww Human

lysdexicnorebo you do realize that jury duty selection is taken from DMV records, so by not being registered to vote you arent skipping any jury duty, if you want to prevent jury duty you better give up your right to drive too.

Pretty cool shirt though.

Wear this now because in a few years he’ll be a mere mortal again like the other scandalous politicians. When that much “hope” rests on one person, he will eventually fail us. Nice details on the design though.

markw1 markw1 Human

stop politicizing an amazing shirt that does not express support but merely commemorates an important event in american history: the first viable black candidate for president. i would wear this because it is a great shirt, just as i would wear a shirt emblazoned with the image of geraldine ferraro.

WarholBot WarholBot Artist

not sure how I feel about this one.

congrats anyway

TBone TBone Artist

good job on the win, i guess.

aman aman Artist

Vote for Aman every day :) Nice shirt

SteelWooly SteelWooly Artist from CALi, United States

Since we’re all definitley free to our own opinions,.. pardon me for the following…

I like that you used black and orange for this,.. because it would be like some scary Halloween nightmare if he actually won the presidency.

Ok, thanks.
A good vector nonetheless.

phoque phoque Human

Sorry but… this is an absolutely horrid design.

why are we bringing politics to dbh..?

tripone tripone Human

Awesome shirt. And please, for the love of my eyes, don’t make a McCain one. Gobama!!

Frantic Frantic Human

Some idiots can’t help but politicize everything, kind of what’s wrong with your country atm.

Surprised there hadn’t been a good shirt for him w/his image yet, with all the countless other things for such.

pjboylan pjboylan Human

Why is everyone making such a big deal out of this. DBH isn’t taking sides. Obviously enough people voted on this shirt so it won. It’s that simple. Now stop bitchin.

Wooo! not only do i love the shirt, i too think Obama is fantastic! OBAMA 08!!!!

Minus 1 DBH patron; I don’t condone the printing of this.

Some comments mentioned how we should’nt bring politics into this, but i think the artists on here are free to use any subject that inspires them. & with Obama, how can you not be inspired by a man who accomplished & wants to do so much to better our country. Politics might be harsh at times & you may think there’s no place for it here, but its simply unavoidable. Politics is a very important thing in any society. Its how us, humans, come together to help create a better place to live.

& hey, the shirts on here, are afterall, designed by humans.

Reasons I hate politics. DING DING. I love designbyhumans but really. I don’t enjoy being fed peoples political opinions in every thing I’m a part of.

ths7 ths7 Human

I dunno, doesn’t really do anything for me. Not shoddy work but there are other designs I would have rather seen (and be able to wear). Sure the voting wasn’t influenced by politics even a little bit?

WiggZ WiggZ Human

Madd Chill!

tehh4x tehh4x Human

Obama is black not.

Borat (:

sastre sastre Human

cool shirt, aesthetically; visually. (Tough to imagine aesthetics apolitically here but anyways…)

(NB @ nodirectionhome: watch it with the hasty generalizations about Texas :-p There are plenty of “ways of being” in Texas, as there are in California (even SoCal, where you are from, I see).

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