Light Green color is looking bit odd

Thinking the same.

LD-1988 LD-1988 Artist

I really like the colors u choose, good luck!

check out mine, if you get the chance :)

jerasky jerasky Artist

different colors of green for different depths. if i made them all the same, it’d look flat, but i suppose i could switch them around some.

stillhonest stillhonest Artist

Great! Like it! the first purple shirt I would wear ;-)

jerasky jerasky Artist

thanks LD-1988 and stillhonest!!!

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

I like the shirt (It actually reminds me of wheat or some sort of grain).

While I do understand the need/desire to make it look a bit more three dimensional (and I do think it does look more dimensional). However, the lime green ends up standing out and drawing too much attention. While I don’t think it needs to be the same as the other highlight color, I do think it ends up being the first thing that gets noticed. Also, the more I look at the design, the more my head hurts — because the lime green gives it this pseudo three-D effect (but in a negative way).

However, I still love the shirt. I just wanted to give as specific feedback as I could because just saying “I agree with the lime green” doesn’t really help you, haha. Being specific helps gives you a better understanding of what I think LD-1988 and I both see.


jerasky jerasky Artist

Thanks so much!

FlyBoy38L FlyBoy38L Human

The bright colors really make it pop. Also because the colors are contradictory colors it makes it pop even more! I really like shirts that stand out, Who else on DBH doesn’t? ;] , with simple and effective designs and this one nails it! +1!!

jerasky jerasky Artist

thanks flyboy38l!

i like the colors that u choose, and i guess ur shirt will stand out! +1

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