toomany toomany Human

missed out on the reprint =/ reprint again!!

AvivB8 AvivB8 Human from Israel

This is the shirt that I was the most amped up about ever in this site, I still dig the concept and think it’s amazing but it came out rather dissapointing in reality, the silver\grey color is a massive bummer (like many colors that are just not right on shirts here) and the placement could be better aswell..
It’s kinda half empty because the whole thing is too much on the side.

If it was possible (I know it ain’t) I’d pay double just to have this on a white shirt with a better placement beacuse the shirt is grey and half empty and it makes it look too simple, like something you go to sleep with…

This shirt is PERFECT! :D

cRaNkg cRaNkg Human

registered just to get this, and now L is sold out :<

Trilogy Trilogy Human from Belgium

Reprint Medium again please!!!! :)

st1gwee st1gwee Human

agreed it is purely fantastic and NEEDS TO BE REPRINTED SO I CAN ORDER A MEDIUM

lmfap lmfap Human

Pleasee reprint smalls D: first time i got on this website i was like
“I have to get this shirt”. You should just reprint like 1000 of these and just keep them in stock

NEED to be reprinted !
i need to grab myself a large.

brunelle_escobar brunelle_escobar Human from Canada

reprint pleease

PLEASE REPRINT! need a women’s medium.

I missed the reprint. XXL men please

A reprint of XL would be great!

Clemeshewsky Clemeshewsky Human from United States

REEPRRRIIIINNNNTTT please heehee :) mens medium

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