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If DBH was all about the number of votes a t-shirt gets and nothing else, they would go out of business (at least with their current set up). Obviously, that is not the case. Popularity may help a designer collect votes but that doesn’t insure the design will sell well. DBH has to take a few factors into account to determine each designs profitability.

If votes were all that mattered, I could submit a simple b/w smiley face design and easily collect the votes I needed to win. Obviously, making fake accounts is one way to do this but let’s say that’s not possible (I don’t think it is anyway). All I’d have to do is promote my “smiley face design” all over the internet, using a variety of marketing tricks, promotional tools, gimmicks and networking. Keep in mind that voting doesn’t cost people anything except the 2-3 minutes it takes them to register with the DBH website. Essentially, that’s exactly what DBH’s wants you to do, regardless if your design stands a chance to win or not, they want you to promote your design as much as possible because it attracts potential customers to the DBH website.

r u going to put any more designs on here?

fite14 fite14 Artist

The bottom of this design is called“the Birth of the Virgin”...its a painting done in the 1400’s about the birth of Mary by Lorenzetti.
To contrast the feminine quality of the bottom design, I added in a “new” style of vecor male signs to contrast it…
hope this helps in understanding the design…
thanks again for alll the support!

sgerdt sgerdt Artist

Which is why I don’t understand the whining that comes from some people when a situation like this happens. It’s not like they keep their criteria for a winning shirt secret.

“Winning shirts are determined by a combination of voting results, participant comments, DesignByHumans.com staff and guest judges.” – The T&C

i like the unfolding drama.

I like it better than HEROES which halfway though lost my interest.
But better than this is HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

I’m surprised I wasted that much time reading all the comments.. I wouldn’t wear this. No offense.

Please go vote for Supermodel Acid Trip. It is SO AWESOME! Check it out!!!

Now that was pretty dirty of me. Rock on drama.

extrem extrem Artist

Man, you must have plenty of friends;-)

But this design really doesn’t deser so much attention.

sgtoigo sgtoigo Human

thanks for the explanation. I was curious, but I apprecitated it even though I didn’t know the meaning. I like the contrast. Looking forward to seeing a whole lot more of your designs.

fite14 fite14 Artist

Design in and of itself entails subjectivity. I love some of the shirts on this site, and wonder if others came out of the trash can. I understand if people don’t like the design. (So don’t vote for it).They are always entitled to their oppinions and actions they take on those oppinions. But, at the same time it sounds like some people are getting frusterated with the votes of this shirt because I did exactly what the site managers told me to do when i submitted my shirt…

think about what you say before you say it…its a good habit to attain and live by…

thanks again everybody, i appreciate the comments and votes!

mhopper mhopper Human

I liked the design and the explanation on this comment site was also useful. The juxtaposition of the 14th century painting with the 20th century icons reminded me a little of the graphic art in Monty Pythons Flying Circus.

pretty frikin sweet bj!

pretty frikin sweet bj!

sirbeauris sirbeauris Artist

Haha…I just wanted to be on this ridiculously long list of posts…

chad13 chad13 Human

I really like this design. The progression of the classic painting to the modernistic design on the top brings an atypical, unique look at art and design. It’s a statement of embracing an archetype, while ushering in some swank design. Nice work.

Caserooni Caserooni Human

... wow every single one of those designs was commented by exactly consecutive numbers… people cheating is so dumb and obvious

CardinalGoldstein CardinalGoldstein Human from Arizona, United States

And that concludes tonight’s story. Thank you and come again.


YEA, man dude this is the best shirt ever!! I’ve never seen a better shirt

aliadotony aliadotony Artist from Costa Rica

i just wanted to say to my family hahahah….!

fite14 fite14 Artist

its kind of hard to go back a day and vote…don’t you think. Of coarse they will come in a consecutive order!
THIs e mail comes directly from DBH...

Congratulations! Your design has been accepted and is now viewable for voting and commenting in our Submissions Gallery.

Be sure to tell your friends to go vote for your design!

To help you in your attempts at shameless self-promotion, copy and paste this code into an email or blog posting to help people vote on your design.


Very Important: If your design wins, you will have 72 hours to upload your high resolution final artwork from the time the email notifying you of your win is sent. We do this so we can get your design printed as soon as possible. Please have high-res art ready in case you win!

Good luck! Now go rally the troops!....

so I did

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