inklings inklings Artist

i would buy this.

That is one awesome idea for a t-shirt. Nicely done

haha, I like this concept!

isilarisoy isilarisoy Artist

lol !!!


zicr zicr Human

+1 :)

Intarzista Intarzista Artist from Bolivia

Great concept…..AHhhh, it’s real…:)

Saw this months ago on emptees

...why are u like this my friend?
very baad boy

claravox claravox Artist from United States


Interesting conclusion you’ve jumped to without ANY supporting evidence. How do you know that;
1) They didn’t steal it from me.
2) You stole it from me.
3) One or both of us came up with it on our own?
Besides mine is more realistic anyway and has more votes.

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