BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Perrfect! Congrats!


mmm Deedee ;) love this congrates

regan regan Human

Love the whiskers.

OmarO OmarO Human

Oh wow. I need this.

Jestik Jestik Human

great stuff, I think this connects with people on a lot of different levels.

Bought as a gift, looks amazing

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia


chakigun chakigun Artist from Bulacan, Philippines

We adopted this kitten to our cat family…. and then one night, he got into the street and decided to play with crickets along with the other kitties…

a fast-driving car drove by…

next thing we know is a bleeding kitty… coughing his last bloody breath… :(

I miss that frog-faced kitty :c

Wait til i grab this shirt from the post office :c

hahahada hahahada Human



Good work

chakigun chakigun Artist from Bulacan, Philippines

Lost two cats today. I’m wearing this shirt tomorrow. :c

Jestik Jestik Human
chakigun said: Lost two cats today. I’m wearing this shirt tomorrow. :c

dude, that stinks. My condolences. I’ll wear mine tomorrow too :)

chakigun chakigun Artist from Bulacan, Philippines

thanks jestik!
aw well… I wish I had 8 cat shirts.

We lost 8 cats in 7 days. That stinks.
We’re down to 17 cats from 25 :c
and one kitten just went missing.
I arrived at home and saw mom crying. One cat died in her arms.

Nevermind me, just sharing!

Love your cats, humans!

JordieBo JordieBo Artist

Oh no! I find a t-shirt I’m in love with and it’s not in large :(
But as a pointer, this is probably my favourite design on this site.

FunnyGopher FunnyGopher Human from United States

This shirt should be reprinted. I love it :)

cuppacats cuppacats Human

I know it’s not sold out yet, but I hope it becomes available in the other sizes for female again. Love the design, and I’m sad I found it when my size was already sold out.

I really love this one ! Medium is the size, reprint is the request :D

eembach eembach Human from TX, United States

Missed picking up this one in the past, would like to see a reprint eventually.

catsrsick catsrsick Human

its tough when that sort of thing happens, i think its amazing how you took your sadness and created someing awesome.
fantastic shirt. please reprint in small!!!!!!!!

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