kakolak kakolak Artist from France

Agree ! Totally cool one. Congrats.

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados


BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States


campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States

what an awesome shirt! congrats on a rad first print.


ajRAINE ajRAINE Artist


echoes90 echoes90 Artist

really awesome design, would be an instant buy but i just dont wear pink :/

ajRAINE ajRAINE Artist

Real men wear pink ;)

sweetP sweetP Artist

this turned out really cool!!!

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

what a freaking brilliant shirt. Congrats on the win!

thunderpeel thunderpeel Artist from Michigan, United States

thanks so much, everyone! i’m really excited about my first print :-)

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

WOWW, this is one of my favorite designs in a long time. Definitely a deserved win and I am happy to see it… hopefully a SOTW too

eembach eembach Human from TX, United States

This design is really unique and interesting, I wish I could buy so badly.

dunz0 dunz0 Human

Finally!!! Congrats on the print, Brian :D

againstbound againstbound Artist from Mexico

Congrats, Brian!! Looks great.

cool shirt, congrats, hey I might be moving to Ypsilanti in a few months to go to Grad school

thunderpeel thunderpeel Artist from Michigan, United States

Thanks, hector! Thanks, bo!

That rocks, 937dc. Ypsi is a fun town. Are you going to school at UM or EMU?

I’m applying to both but it’ll probably be EMU seeing that UM only accepts 10 applicants a year, but who knows!

ajRAINE ajRAINE Artist

Just bought :) Congrats on getting my first official DBH order ;D

Wow this shirt really stands out from the recent shirts of the day (and even shirt of the week in my opinion).

Nice Job! :)

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