CheckRock CheckRock Human

interesting, what was your STP inspiration here?

TenTimesKarma TenTimesKarma Artist from Philippines

yeah this is awesome!

ovenrude ovenrude Artist

Pretty cool man, +1 from me. (even though those faces creep me out)

sweetP sweetP Artist

ooh :)

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

TenTimesKarma, OvenRude, SweetP, thanks.
CheckRock, the title is a line from the new song. Actually the line goes “crocodile sunday smile”, but I didn’t have any croc pics.

Griff81 Griff81 Artist

Is it just me or does the chick look like Drew Barrymore?

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles


zicr zicr Human


brainboxz brainboxz Artist from Indonesia

Wow, I love this. +1

kiwiperson kiwiperson Artist

I really like dis one

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Yema-Yema Yema-Yema Artist from Georgia, United States


BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

Larger image here.

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

this is great

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

Thank you AtomicChild.

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