TenTimesKarma TenTimesKarma Artist from Philippines

the details looked like it was “live-traced”

Thank you to everyone who voted!
Hope you enjoy the shirt.

Thanks again,

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

congrats Dangerousd1987 /Adobe Live Trace

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Congrats on first print dude!

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

yay I voted on this one! congrats man!

Chreck Chreck Artist

totally agree with Winter. Good job regardless though, i guess

ovenrude ovenrude Artist

Man the live trace on this really bothers me….

sweetP sweetP Artist

congrats on the win!

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

there are other ways to achieve the live trace effect. its not always as simple as pushing a few buttons or clicking a few commands and you come up with this in 2 minutes.This looks very clean to me and the contrasting of the tones seems to be very consistent. additionally, I really like the subject matter of the photograph, The way he captured the details of the power lines, the angles involved in the piece, and how it fits on the shirt overall.

Thank you Buzatron.

kelnkev1 kelnkev1 Human

Way to go my beautiful son!!!! Deffinately going to buy 3 one for me & your sisters!!!

nomhak nomhak Artist from Manitoba, Canada

The concept is great, but the artistic merit is lost with the pixelation of the live traced. I wonder if the photograph was even taken by the artist.

Forgive me friend.

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

@nomhak Considering that DBH printed it, I think it’s safe to say it’s a photograph he took. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to legally give all the rights to DBH.

@Dangerousd1986 — Ignore the comments that appear to be nothing more than pettiness. Obviously the DBH staff liked your work, and I liked it enough to buy one as soon as it came out, haha. Congrats, you deserve it.

WinterArtwork said: congrats Dangerousd1987/Adobe Live Trace

haha good call

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

I agree with you nomhak, there are better and cleaner techniques you can use. I myself don’t use illustrator, but I am familiar with the concept of “live trace”. It works quickly I suppose when you have a white or almost white background with a contrasting subject matter, but nothing compares to what you can do manually. Then again, artistic merit is a subjective term, and in this case it means a print. Pixelation and artistic merit be damned, i would totally rock this shirt ;)

I agree too. There are tons of different ways to make a picture look “clean”, but for this particular design I thought gritty depiction of the streets would look better. Say what you want about Live Trace for Illustrator and the Threshold Command in Photoshop that everyone seems to be forgetting about, but they’re tools like any other and they’re there to be used. I’m glad enough people liked my design to get it printed.


muttley muttley Artist from Philippines

congrats! :D

killer_meowmeow killer_meowmeow Artist from State of Calamity, Philippines

congrats man! nice design. love it. :-)


ams1327 ams1327 Artist

Congrats man!

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