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This is an awesome design!!!

@a3hmax Thank you a3!


Wicked Design!!!! as many of us a Bear will kill for some honey! :) :)

Good luck! This looks great!

Creative, dark, edgy, totally my style

Love it, I would totally wear it daily!

Unfortunately your design wasn’t terrible here, but knowing you steal art and cheat then this design too is fake.

Yeah, don’t touch our contests cheater. I can hear you now, nice vote cheating

Stop cheating.

After your country china and now your country United States how is possibal

Stop chatting please

Hah this is sweet! Pooh Bear the 13th!

I would love to see a sequel with a purple bear with a green mask

Votes are real, if you want you can send your questions or concerns here ( Votes are real and from my friends, family, followers and real people. Thank you and good luck.

Vote are real but your id is fack first you join your country china but now your country United States how is possibal explain me please

akshaysolanki: Go learn English, salty idiot.

I will not blame him for English and let’s not call him an idiot. I understand your feelings but people grow in a place where culture and language is their life. I will say that his idea as to my account being fake is silly, and doesn’t deserve a response.

I’m a big Friday The 13th fan so this is pretty freaking awesome! Really like the clash of black and yellow. The colors of a honeybee no less!

Thank you, you can find the design for sale at teepublic. Redbubble and neatoshop. New!

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