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Zatch stole my vote too. 330 votes, wow! Gratz Chip.

DV_Prints DV_Prints Artist

I like this design, it has impact… the impact to make me hungry

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Ok, I’m not trying to get into some sort of flame war, but here’s my $.02.

I don’t need shirts that are pretentious and I understand that it’s “just a tee shirt” – there are some super abstract/deep stuff that I just don’t like, they aren’t visually pleasing to me.

That said, I like shirts that appear to have a deeper message – even if it’s a message that can only be gleaned from the description posted with the shirt. To me, this is just a shirt with a hamburger on it. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it’s just not something that appeals to me or something I’d every wear – especially since I don’t find it to be visually appealing (the texture is cool, but that doesn’t make the burger visually appealing). I like wearing shirts that make people think – whether that thought is provoked by a message/slogan, or because people see this artistic mash of colors and want to stare at it for a bit and think.

I’ve purchased “hyper-artistic” shirts from DBH (I though they looked cool and would look cool on me) and I’ve bought more simplistic shirts – those that looked more professional as well as those that looked more unrefined. I appreciate a variety of styles, but this isn’t one of them. To be fair, I don’t like Andy Warhol either (at least the work I’ve seen), I always thought, “... Why should I care? It’s not even cool/pretty to look at.”

DV_Prints DV_Prints Artist

Warhol didn’t become famous because his work looked nice, it was the intention behind it that made it what it was. The fact that he raised eyebrows and forced people to pay attention to it. His art was actually very mundane and uninteresting, but that was not what made it art, it was art because he purposely made it that way as an “up yours!” to the art community. The point was that he was choosing a different path where he would be infamous for being the ultimate loser, and this is what made him into the ultimate winner. If you don’t think that this design is artistic or unique in any way, then find me another design with over 300 votes and four pages of heated arguement. I wouldn’t wear this myself, but if it was printed I’d buy it just for the fact that it caused so much chaos. I give my kudos to ChipCheezum for this one because he stood up for simplicity, but also because he showed us that such a simple cheeseburger can bring out the worst in the best of us. I’ll never look at cheeseburgers the same again.

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Still talking about this? Haha.

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

I’ve been directed to designs with 600+ votes and heated discussion. The thing is this: the majority of the heated argument had nothing to do with anything of substance – just personal attacks back and forth with a current of “pretentious” vs “real” art. To me, that current was not created by the design, but the differences in personality between those in the two camps.

As for Warhol – his motives and desires rock, fine. However, I think that an artist’s intention is separate from his art – they can interact but they are not the same thing. Warhol’s work has never raised my eyebrows or forced me to pay attention to it. It was “mundane and uninteresting” – which did nothing but “force” me to pay it no attention whatsoever. I believe that his art’s message was made for a very specific group of people, and since I’m not a part of that group it has no value to me – which is not to say that it lacks value in general.

That said, I don’t think this cheeseburger represents simplicity – to me it represents something opposite. To me, it comes across the same way that those girls who spend 5 hours trying to look “natural” like they just rolled out of bed – to me they both expend too much energy to appear as if they didn’t expend any at all. To me, this comes off as pretentious – a “see, I’m better than you because I can be simple and I don’t have to be super ‘arty,’” it’s just the sense I get. I don’t get any of that “it’s an argument against consumerism” nonsense – as a debater, there’s no evidence to support said argument.

If you want to buy something just because it caused chaos, buy the shirts that slipped through with copyrighted/stolen images and vote for all the stuff that’s been subbed which isn’t original. Causing chaos is a reason for me to observe and evaluate, but NOT a reason to support.

DV_Prints DV_Prints Artist

you’re only really looking from your side of the fence though, it’s fair enough that you don’t like the design, and it’s fair enough that you won’t buy or wear the shirt… you don’t have to explain yourself to me. I’ve pretty much accepted that this design isn’t going to ever win, but I still think that it’s a great design, even if it is pretentious. There’s 5 winning designs every week, who does it hurt to print one design that has been legitimately voted on? I’m not trying to make an arguement about this, I just thought it was important that I (as a legitimate member of DBH who has a background in design) should voice my support for this shirt because it shows so much character… just look at the tilt on the bun! Now I’m getting hungry….

thestray thestray Artist from United States

@Karyn2002 I don’t see why anybody feels the need to be so against this and make lengthy arguments about it. To think it’s pretentious, personally I don’t think that’s any less nonsensical then the stuff about it being anti-consumerism. This design is what you make of it.

The more people talk about this though, the more I respect it, because it’s just an image of a burger, and it’s getting people to reveal a lot about themselves through talking about it. It’s like a Rorschach test.

By the same token, Warhol’s work wasn’t created for a very specific group of people. You’ve seen it, and you have a strong opinion about it, that’s the point. You can’t have an opinion about something you’ve paid no attention to.

I almost want this to be printed now, haha. Almost.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

@DV_Prints – “There’s 5 winning designs every week, who does it hurt to print one design that has been legitimately voted on?”

Well it would hurt DBH if it didn’t sell well, haha. It costs money to print shirs. Votes don’t really equal sales, especially if the majority of them come from friends.

DV_Prints DV_Prints Artist

Heard, but it’s also possible that if it was printed that those people who came to the site specifically to vote for it would remain active members and provide sales for shirts other than this one because they might respect the open-mindedness of the community. Expansion isn’t necessarily a bad thing, maybe DBH could use more of a public opinion when it comes to what people want in a t-shirt. One of my favourite shirts is a tarantula on an orange rose; totally wouldn’t win on DBH but opinions on designs vary from person to person. Basically if you can make a shirt, you can sell it no matter how bad it is. I just like seeing people push the boundaries, or fail trying. At least he gave it a shot, and you were fair with your judgement.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Anything is possible, but when you run a business you want to spend your money on things that are at least probable.
DBH does use a public opinion when it comes to what people want in a shirt, that’s why the shirts are up for display for people to vote and comment on. Duh opinions vary from person to person, that’s the nature of opinions. You like a shirt with a spider on a flower, that’s kinda random and irrelevant.
At the end of the day, they (DBH), and anyone else who runs a store really, is going to print things that they feel represent what they want their brand to promote. People should push boundaries for things they are proud of and believe in, not just to arbitrarily push boundaries. And the boundaries they push should be specific to their goals. If you’re going to fail you don’t want to fail for nothing, especially if there’s money involved.
What has made DBH one of the top sites is that they’ve created a very specific niche with a lot of shirts that are different things you can find anywhere else. If they just printed anything with high votes they wouldn’t be where they are. A lot of t-shirt sites pop up and disappear over night because creating a brand really is a tricky thing. I think they know what they’re doing by sticking to what they do best instead of just following the votes. I think they have pushed boundaries in respects to what they do.

chops78 chops78 Human

I wouldn’t buy this shirt but I do enjoy eating hamburgers.

JohnnyBoi JohnnyBoi Human

oh god 300+ votes…

Buzatron Buzatron Artist from United States

If it had fries/onion rings and and a large chocolate shake I MIGHT vote….but I will pass on this one ;)

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haha dbh will only print really artsy stuff hahaha alot of votes thought…props on that

sularos sularos Human

i made an account just so i could vote for this. not because i like the guy who made it or because i enjoyed some ‘deep’ art crap behind it.

i just want to buy this shirt.

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

This is by far the best design I have ever seen. Every pixel shows the true artistry behind the concept and execution of this truly magnificent masterpiece. Each paint stroke highlights the profound metaphors found only by an artist’s keen eye, and yet I am still baffled by the strong, yet subtle message that this magnum opus demonstrates. I hope that one day I will be able to achieve such feats but deep down I know that it is utterly impossible to attain such high quality work.

ChipCheezum, you have indubitably presented to the world your pièce de résistance, and I honor your courage and strength to make the art world a better place.

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This is the only shirt.

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Funny, nearly everyone who is promoting this terrible shirt joined during may 2010…

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