xclassikx xclassikx Human


ciR-e ciR-e Artist

here’s teal :)

thirddave thirddave Human

I love all three versions. I’d buy one of each. :)

let1gre let1gre Artist

To be honest, it reminds me of Pepsi. xD

+1 anyways.

killer_meowmeow killer_meowmeow Artist from State of Calamity, Philippines

:-) +1

kharmazero kharmazero Artist from France


idiot ^


let1gre, I was thinking the same.

Busenitz Busenitz Artist

nice man! :D +1

ciR-e ciR-e Artist


sonic3535 sonic3535 Human

BEST EVER! Love the other colors, too.

Reminds me of the Pepsi Logo. Coca Cola is better!

yoann57 yoann57 Human

really like the textures, cool design !!

springsl springsl Human

love it

iuliux iuliux Artist

like it yellow

phrygius phrygius Human

Grey is the best. This is really nice!

ciR-e ciR-e Artist

thanks for the votes & awesome comments

ChipCheezum ChipCheezum Artist

Looks pretty nice. Reminds me of the Pepsi logo. It’s different enough that it’s not a problem, though.

id buy it

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