Liked Art Image/concept. I can sense constructive motion but not sure about design on t-shirt. I think Black & White contrast from cropped artwork is restrictive & creating strong vertical separation in the middle. I love minimalism :)

This is so gonna be mine!=) this got some style. great job man.

likin’ the simpleness! +1


Thanks for the comments so far guys! I really appreciate the support.

really cool!
looks great on both colors (on display)
will be a great print +1

very simple design, but it makes it look so good.

a simple design can make a greater impact than one that is complicated A++

nice :-) +1


Interesting work here, darker shirt for me

nice! ; )

Awesome, reached 50 votes :D Once again, thanks guys

This is a superb design. I LOVE it. However I wonder what it would look like on a human body. When I buy a tee, other than the design being my primary deciding factor, I also think of how it would look on me (does it flatter me?) and what kind of effect it gives (does it make me look weird/fat/thin/etc). I think stripes would look OK on a guy, but may be too strong on a girl. ;) That having been said, I will definitely consider this shirt if I were a guy.


@am-y: Thanks for the awesome comment! Now that i look at it I can see your point, personally I think it wouldn’t look bad at all on a chick if rocked appropriately, I defiantly see it being more flattering on a male. They say vertical stripes on a man makes him look taller, I wonder what diagonal stripes do? :P

@A_mar_illo: Thank you!

I’m a girl and I would definitely wear this shirt! I think this shirt would flatter any girl so long as the shirt was the appropriate size. Horizontal stripes are the culprit for curvy people, diagonal stripes add movement and help hide curves.

Anyways, I love how bold the stripes are and how you’ve made the shirt colour work in your design. Solid concept, well executed!

I really hope this gets printed, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

Voted on the darker shirt!!! looks sweet!

maybe i’ll try a simpler design one of these days…

wonderful! i want!

Thank you all for the kind words and support, I’m unsure if this will get printed or not but expect a new sub design from me very soon

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