This is some silly shit right here.

RedTiga RedTiga Artist

Thanx sweets :)

RedTiga RedTiga Artist

And.. I’ve only gone and noticed my typo! Grrr.
It should read…

“ A character of mine who has surpassed all his masters, attained the coveted No1 Headband and is on his quest to find a worthy opponent. Trained by both Shaolin and Lama monks of the highest order he travels now by shadows.. a lone wolf.”

Linx Linx Human

Damm. That is some nice ish right thuurrrrrr!

stevegt stevegt Human

Quality design! I’d definitely buy one.

A master of Mallow-fu seeks vengeance for his fallen brothers and sisters from the evil tyrant Flame-lick (licks fingers)..He has trained feverishly for this moment, dodging traps he knew would be used against him in this final and most deadly battle-Pointed spears with a resin to sap his strength decreasing his movement (eh, I’m too tried to finish) This is a tasty shirt.

killer_meowmeow killer_meowmeow Artist from State of Calamity, Philippines

nice one!!! :-) +1

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