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Looks good 👍

Wish you the best of luck
please vote for me :)

Good work

Impressive work

Good job

Thanks guys for supporting me and if you guys likes it please vote :)

And please vote for me

Beautiful Art!!!

For sure I’m gonna buy, if your design got selected, beautiful design!!

Another fake vote getter, how many bags do you have on here and faking?

@JackieJacks : DHB allowed us to share link in our family members or friends to vote

@JackieJacks : I am not saying you to buy, while votes do not decide the winner, DBH will have final say in determining a winner

@JackieJacks, please stop spamming everyone’s designs except the ones you want to win, its rude and not necessary. Just because the people they have asked to vote for them have actually voted does not make them cheaters!

@Mel00 : how you know about that guy?

@Mel00 but it turned out they all did cheat after dbh deleted the extra votes. And even more than I thought had cheated. I wasn’t wrong. Had nothing to do with who I wanted win or not.

@Jackiejacks:so, what happened to your vote, and you are also cheating now, and stop doing fake comments in other design

If you want to cheat your votes, do it. It’s fine, just do it big if you are doing to do it. Get 1000 votes.

@JackieJacks : bro i am not cheating, i am requesting my friends and family members to vote, and everyone’s votes got deducted including you, and now how you are getting vote so quickly, and by votes we are not going to win just keep in mind, and don’t act like child by making fake id, and giving fake comment, play fair

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