juliakos juliakos Human


I assure you it is completely coincidental. but believe what you like.

nits nits Human

its ok. maybe you saw the upso shirt once, and it bled into your unconscious? just proves how powerful that upso is!

Looking at the 2 designs, I wouldn’t assume it was a rip off. It looks purely coincidental to me. I’ve experienced a lot of coincidences being in the design industry. No biggie. The concept is entirely different man.

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

this remind me of the new four letter lie album art cover. not saying you are ripping anything off. just the teeth and everything. idk. haha. i really like the idea, and the colors, but maybe it would look better on white? i really like white t shirts. whatever. you got my vote. this is sweet.

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