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Nice design , wish you the best luck
please vote back for me :)

always loved your pattern design! good luck!

Such a fun, detailed yet simple design! Big fan! Hope you win so I can get another piece of your work.

This design is adorable and I really like the gradient. It also looks like you’ve worked super hard on it. Take a vote!

Great! :)

Love this. My nieces would adore these as well!

Something seems tainted about these 75 votes in the past few hours.

@vander nah, we just made a last minute youtube video for our followers to vote ;) the account is ikm218 on YT if you wanna watch it

So many cheaters here at least you arent. I’d still say fan muti votes from the same person should be removed however

@vander thanks! we honestly didnt expect the super jump so hopefully no one is putting multi votes. I noticed last week a bunch of designs and votes got cleaned up so im sure they will do another sweep to get rid of multi/fake votes.

@JukesofHazard Thanks!! :)

Voted love Good luck doll

Love this design, the white with the rainbow pastel looks amazing! I would totally buy this backpack to keep my sketchbooks in!! And since I usually draw on my things I find the white back would be really useful for me!! :)

I love this design! good luck, I hope I can get it one day :)

How the hack you getting so much of votes?

@souravsrivastava I posted a video promoting it on my YT channel (ikm218) also my sis (taintedsweets) and I are also promoting our design on our social medias

@souravsrivastava because it’s good, you cuck

I know design is good, but in deadline day he getting votes

@jacethegod: don’t Judge my design, 1st show yours then judge others design, i am just asking questions because he didn’t got so much of votes during 10 day and now suddenly 200+

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