doniobina doniobina Artist from Philippines

nice and neat..this should be more better if you put some colors…anyway love the line work =]..goodluck

ELdesign ELdesign Artist

Thanks! I thought of putting some colors in it, but I liked the black on white look.

OmegaMan5000 OmegaMan5000 Artist from United States

I really like the line work on this piece. I kind of wish there was a bit more going on, and you could’ve done a little more with the text, but still not too shabby.

Ramon.b Ramon.b Artist from ES, Brazil

great composition!

ELdesign ELdesign Artist

Thanks guys! Keep the feedback coming! I appreciate it :)
Design is 2 years old. The feedback and 2 years extra experience could bring my designs to a higher level.

zomboy99 zomboy99 Artist

nice classic illustration

JCMaziu JCMaziu Artist from Spain, Spain

Great design. This could be better with a touch of color on the roses.

colorfull colorfull Artist

cool design! i like it!

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