jublin jublin Artist from United States

ahaha now way. i’m definitely getting one of these

Dara Dara Artist

this better get printed.

antonaros antonaros Human

I hope I’m one of the first 500!

bogoio bogoio Artist

Great design!
Yeah this 3d idea was flying around!
What u ppl think in a new 3d print for the future?
This 3d effect need to be done more times

krutow krutow Human

WICKED! I love this. Does it come with glasses you can hand out to friends? =)

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia

Seriously. This needs printing!

Holy 3-D!!!! This would be SO cool. Please, please, please print!!!

Trob Trob Human

pretty Sick!!

yasly yasly Artist

Thanks, Floats! :)

And besides the 3-D, this thing is amazing!

Awesome! Looks great!

marc marc Human

add 3d glasses for all your friends too!

hdmdesign hdmdesign Artist


love it

eileena74 eileena74 Human

i want one

sonmi sonmi Artist

this is sweet

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

Rad Sickness!

This is my favourite print out of everyone on this site.

hatsuseno hatsuseno Human

That’s a really nice idea, and from what I can judge nicely executed. Hope this gets printed!

fatheed fatheed Artist

Nice work. It’s a shame that it doesn’t actually function as a 3d image – rather, it’s the same flat image offset in magenta and cyan.

wow this is sick!

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