Spitfire19 Spitfire19 Artist
WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados


you took the same concept and made it into Pac Man? lol

nice try

DominoPark DominoPark Artist

Good designers copy. Great designers steal. :P

Anyhow thx, I googled for the original, but forgot what it was.. I actually thought the original was already pacman.. phew?

well either way i lub this design i’d wear it!

xtralime xtralime Artist

sick design, would love to see this printed! Plus one.
this is a.. re-interpretation? :P

Nightrun Nightrun Human

Pretty clever, even if it’s not your idea. I like it! And I actually like the Pacman version better than the Space Invaders! +1 for effort!

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