hehe, cool design!

Jdeniz Jdeniz Artist

Funny tee! +1

Perhaps you could see/vote for me too?:

Would appreciate it a lot!

This is definitely my fave of all your subs so far. Love the humor +1

Haha! Awesome!! If DBH doesn’t print that, submit it to 80stees.com because I would love to be able to buy this!

ArialBlack ArialBlack Artist

thanks! If DBH doesn’t print that, i will submit it to 80stees.com

Spitfire19 Spitfire19 Artist
colorfull colorfull Artist

cool design! i like it!
may you check my first design here:


7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

haha your designs are cool… I would post these up at teefury though! They are more of this style!

doniobina doniobina Artist from Philippines

nice…its reminds me of first reading books..=] +1

LukeBatten LukeBatten Artist from Australia

I want it but without the pacman or space invaders guy! woot! good job!

ianvox ianvox Artist from cebu, Philippines

hahahahahahaha made my day… +1

ArialBlack ArialBlack Artist

LukeBatten: i can delete them & make design for you. But how can i sell you if DBH would not print it? May be there are others print shops?

Love it!

ChipCheezum ChipCheezum Artist

Pacman and Space Invaders weren’t DOS games. It’d look way better without them and the lame text on the bottom that is literally a joke from The Simpsons.

Liron_g Liron_g Human from Israel

Love it! funny one.

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