Loki86 Loki86 Artist from Canada

Awesome +1
Check out mine,

yes yes yes. fresh.

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

Awesome illustration. Very clean and smooth lines here. Loving color scheme and the whole execution makes me want to just stare in awe.

“Just another part of the machine”, true. Do the number sequence has a meaning? or is just totally random? cuz if it has any meaning and completes the whole concept here, this is a major piece of art.

I would rock this shirt all the way. Voted!!

Other than the text, this is great!

davidbelais davidbelais Artist

Which text?

McFlyHigh McFlyHigh Artist

I think he’s referring to “Just Another Heart Of the Machine”. The design looks cool though! very intricate

davidbelais davidbelais Artist

I see. Thanks.

davidbelais davidbelais Artist

It’s “part” not “heart” though, not that it makes a lot of difference.

SteelWooly SteelWooly Artist from CALi, United States

Loving on a whole bunch of this design!
Sweet punchy color choice on the taupe/gray, great perspective and lines, so cool how the color flows all smooth into “the machine” and then almost looks like it comes out as tiles until you look closer and see the numbers, the fish is a great touch along w/ the “worker” behind the colorfall…. just sweetness all over this.

My only suggestion is just a quirky personal preference thing,... I would just leave the words “the machine” on, ... the machine. The whole “just another part of” seems to be too much and I think “the machine” gets a nice point across.
(( +1 ))

littleclyde littleclyde Artist from Germany

very cool, great details!

ckid ckid Artist from United States

beautiful design!

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