surfer112 surfer112 Human

Ok seriously, I just got this shirt today, and it’s honestly one of the coolest shirts I’ve ever had. It looks really fucking good on the shirt, wears well design wise with the placement of various elements and stuff throughout and best of all like nothing anyone else has ever seen.

Walking on campus today most people were taking second glances being all wtf, at first and lookin again and being all… shits nutz and I got a few compliments. I normally don’t have this reaction when i shop at american eagle or express.

Keep up wit the good shit RikkiB

drew_hytt drew_hytt Human

yeah, every design by human tee i wear i get looks from everyone, as a designer i wear my collection daily, love em! and this one is no different. Still waiting on my order, should be here monday!! :D

grand_david grand_david Artist

Great design, thanks!

reprint medium!!

tnation tnation Human

Looks fantastic, wish I could see the design better though. I hear that reprint medium!

Drebin893 Drebin893 Human

Awesome design! Reprint for women, please? Thank you!

i have this shirt and love it.

ebound ebound Human

Wish we could get a reprint in Medium :/

this is a great shirt!

so will this shirt be reprint?

rconnolly rconnolly Human

plz reprint mens LARGE! Thx :)

kazer kazer Human

reprint smalls please!

Sheepgoat Sheepgoat Human

reprint medium!

Sheepgoat Sheepgoat Human

reprint medium!

Ronaldo7 Ronaldo7 Human


Martinez Martinez Human


Codyqwe Codyqwe Human


Tarq Tarq Human

Reprint medium please

ebound ebound Human

Reprint in medium would be nice.

definitely reprint mens medium

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