biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

completely sold out

ms2xd ms2xd Human

oMG.. i want this..!
but it’s sold out.. :((

Jefferex Jefferex Artist from United States

This shirt is so Hip!

ajRAINE ajRAINE Artist

See Bio, at least SOMEONE thinks your hip.

GraphiteKid GraphiteKid Artist

They need to reprint this so bad!!! This is my favorite t design ever and it sold out before I could get to it. I litterally screamed when I had the money and everything and it was sold out.

lindsayerinn lindsayerinn Artist from United States

Pleeeeeeaaaase reprint!!! This shirt is super fly, and I really want it!

veteran veteran Human

Reprint pls!

Reprint this!

Darn… wish I could of gotten my hands on this one… Hope we get a reprint :)

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