sasufi18 sasufi18 Artist

this rocks!!!

Really awesome. A must print for sure.

mumolabs mumolabs Artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

amazing… great art t-shirt design!

bogoio bogoio Artist

ja ganho?

aman aman Artist

This got my vote, now it’s just a drop in the ocean :) Sure winnr

lita_br lita_br Artist

nossa, nossa, nossa!!!

Caserooni Caserooni Human

this is really amazing!

This needs to be printed already!

Girls please!
I check back every day in hope :(

DeBaron DeBaron Artist

Really, really nice!

very deserving, congrats : ]

This is really beautiful! Wish there were girls shirts left :( = hopefully DBH will reprint. You have a collection of very interesting work. Great job!

I’m so depressed there is no women’s :/

bfeller bfeller Human

simply fantastic. the generous use of colors in all the right places just does it for me. so glad they got reprinted because i wasnt around the first time.

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

I so love the colors on this one.

elgoulo elgoulo Artist

YES!!! I win. il see you in three weeks, all is vanity

TBone TBone Artist

............ sorry i just choked on my steak cause i saw that this got REPRINTED!!!!!!!

cliche93 cliche93 Human

i might needa get one of these :)

elgoulo elgoulo Artist

please dbh i need one of these, il be you best friend, please please please print me a large

duba duba Artist

damn..no more mediums???!!

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