How is promoting or advertising your design bad? So your supposed to make a design and not tell people about it? I dont see your reasoning on this and seeing how most of you complaining are new to this site i dont understand why your so upset, so why dont you just chill out and worry about your own designs.

tommytomtim tommytomtim Artist

In an email from designbyhumans.com, Design By Humans states,

“Congratulations! Your design has been accepted and is now viewable for voting and commenting in our Submissions Gallery. Be sure to tell your friends to go vote for your design! To help you in your attempts at shameless self-promotion, copy and paste this code into an email or blog posting to help people vote on your design.”

...I did exactly what they said. I posted my design on my facebook to gain support from my friends and family because they support me and genuinely appreciate my artwork.

tommytomtim tommytomtim Artist

Really good accusation by the way when saying that I made all these accounts and voted on my own design. Once again, I am not a loser.

guuuurl idk whyy you got all d’s h8ers!

I’m just saying, a lot of these accounts seem fake, they’re all using similar lingo and they seem like characters, not people. just saying. only dbh knows for sure.

tommytomtim tommytomtim Artist

Its ridiculous that you can assume something on the pretenses that lingo within text sounds similar. Quite honestly I hope you contact admins to see how wrong you are. Just saying.

devonmurt devonmurt Human

That’s a pretty strong accusation to make considering this is a web forum. Maybe you should spend some of that time focusing on more important things such as world hunger or haiti relief rather than worrying about someone making 20+ accounts (which is a ridiculous idea as it is) to boost their votes.

yea boiii. yo this shirt is hot ass hell.

free_agent08 free_agent08 Artist from Philippines

Maybe it affects the mock up, but you can improve it to your other design… the graphics is nice.. +1

Check out mine.. and vote if you want too..


Super Thanks to you!!

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